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Confocal Microscopy Workshop

You are invited to a workshop on in vivo and ex vivo confocal microscopy, and dermoscopy and pathology correlations.

This workshop is designed for dermatologists, skin cancer GPs, cosmetic doctors, surgeons and their trainees. Even without prior knowledge in confocal microscopy, it will give you a new understanding of the skin in a 3D perspective.
Applications from this workshop include diagnostics, monitoring of therapy responses and margin determinations in the field of skin cancer. Common clinical dilemmas of difficult lesions such as early melanoma, lentigo maligna and amelanotic, ill-defined lesions will also be discussed in depth.

7.15 - 7.25am: Technique and semiology: how to learn and pitfalls of the beginner - Linda Martin
7.25 - 8.00am: Tips to integrate confocal in practice flow & when it is worth the time
  • Pigmented lesions (benign) - Genevieve Ho
  • Melanoma, different subtypes - Bruna Melhoranse
  • Lentigo Maligna mapping - Bruna Melhoranse
  • Amelanotic lesions and NMSC - Rodrigo Schwartz
8.00 - 8.20am: Didactic cases and discussions with Amanda Pereira, Raquel Ruiz Araujo and Rhonda Harvey
8.20 - 8.30am: Ex vivo confocal - Helena Collgros
8.30 - 8.40am: Confocal place in the world landscape and technology landscape: now& future - Pascale Guitera
8.40 - 8.45am: Q&A